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GMAT Preparation

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At EnzoGmat, we teach you exactly what you need to know to ace the exam. Our course material and pedagogy are designed keeping in mind the core concepts that are tested on the GMAT. We help you solve questions with maximum accuracy as well as speed. Over the last 25 years, EnzoGmat's 120000+ successful students are testament to the fact that our unique teaching methodology leads to maximum results with minimum effort.

EnzoGmat’s GMAT Classroom Program brings to you decades of EnzoGmat’s teaching, taught by some of our finest faculty. Unlimited doubt-clearing sessions, numerous online sectional and full length tests, and customized study plans ensure that you score to the best of your ability.


GRE Essays

RE sets two writing tasks (Analyze an Issue, and Analyze an Argument) collectively called the Analytical Writing Section (or Analytical Writing Measure). The tasks are designed to test critical thinking and analytical writing skills. The essays come first on the test - 30 minutes for the issue and 30 minutes for the argument.

GRE Prep

We have hundreds of GRE practice questions arranged into mini tests, each mini test has a score card at the end. We also give you explanations to the questions you get wrong so that you can learn from your mistakes. Use the menu on the left to get more information about the test sections, or choose a question type and do a test now.

GRE Math

The Math skills required for GRE quantitative reasoning section are of a basic standard that should be within the reach of a tenth grade student. You don't need to learn up lots of new formulae but you will need to sharpen up your thinking skills.

GRE Vocabulary

Here, I ‘m going to answer the question, What ‘s the best way to use a vocabulary word list for the Revised GRE?. Wait a second, you ‘re probably thinking. Don ‘t you just read the list? Actually, reading through a vocabulary list is the last thing you want to do. In fact, I tell this to my GRE students with a menacing, authoritarian tone, because I know how easy it is to fall into the temptation of going up and down a list, covering the definition with your hand, and then coughing up the definition. Again (my brow is knitted)—do not do this.

GRE Verbal

The GRE Verbal Reasoning measure is an incredibly challenging test of English grammar, reading comprehension, critical reading, and—most difficult of all — vocabulary! So how do you study for such an intense exam? To start, you ‘ll need to understand the format of the GRE Verbal section, know the question types you ‘ll see on test day, and get lots of GRE Verbal practice.

GRE scores

GRE General Test is the widely accepted graduate admission for business schools and other master’s degree courses and also Phd. courses. All the cream ranked universities, foreign institutions and their subject departments accept this GRE exam test scores. Scholarships are also based upon the GRE score.


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